Our Story

CAKESMASH ATL has a passion for helping others take the small, necessary steps to presenting their most genuine selves to an audience of their most desired clients online + IRL.  So whether you are an artist, dreamer, lawyer, dog walker, hair stylist, actor, makeup artist, or baker, CAKESMASH ATL would love to help you build a brand that you are proud of so you can confidentally share what you have to offer with the world.

"As a kid I was always taught to leave things better than how I found them.  Now as an adult, that characteristic is my goal in business and in everyday life. So whether that's making a client's website more appealing, quickly wiping down the Starbucks counter when I'm grabbing a straw, or making someone smile when they may not have otherwise, it's all important to me." - Amanda Hale, founder CAKESMASH ATL

Amanda is an artist, singer, songwriter, children's book lover, font snob, dog lover, and coffee drinker who resides in Atlanta, Georgia.



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